Can I backup different files, folders, registry keys, databases at once?

Yes. A profile can contain an unlimited number of backup jobs. You can mix as many backup objects as you need.

Can Storegate Pro Backup do incremental, differential and full backups?

Yes. The program supports full, incremental and differential backups.

What happens when I change the type of backup?

You can always switch between full, incremental and differential backup. If you switch from incremental to differential, the program will make a full backup the next time.

Does Storegate Pro Backup work with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012?

Yes. The program supports all Windows versions (all 32/64bit editions) from Windows 7 onwards.

What happens if the backup fails because the computer is off or the connection to the Internet is not working?

By default, the program will advance the run to the next scheduled time. It is also possible to set the program to run the backup the next time the computer starts.

Can I use Storegate Pro Backup to back up my entire server (clone)?

Storegate Pro Backup is primarily designed to make backups of your important files and folders. You should use a specially designed program to back up your entire server.

Can I open the Zip and 7z files (archives) in other programs?

Yes, they are compatible. You can use a Zip compression program (WinZip, 7-Zip or WinRAR) to extract files from the archives.

Can Storegate Pro Backup make multiple versions of each file (version management)?

Yes. The program creates a library that contains a history of backups and files contained in each backup run. The records in the library are called archives. An archive is created after each backup run. This feature provides a clear overview of the backup history, and allows you to keep track of different file versions.

Can I set a different schedule for a profile?

Yes. You can set multiple schedules for a profile. For example: full backup on the first day of the month and incremental backup on the weekend.

Can Storegate Pro Backup create the log files after each backup run?

Storegate Pro Backup generates a log file during the backup process. The program can save the log file to a directory and send the log file to specified e-mail addresses. In addition, events can be reported to the Windows Event Log.

How to change backup user or password?

When you start the application, you will be asked to fill in your new details. Confirm by pressing ok. Then select cancel and restart the application.