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Cloud Folder

The Storegate Cloud Folder desktop app is a fast and secure way to work in files. The app is installed in Windows or mac OS X and you work as usual in Explorer or via Finder. Storegate Cloud Folder can manage multiple accounts, permissions, locks on shared files and other important features such as 2-step verification. Files are stored only in Storegate and you never have to worry about data being scattered on different computers. Applies to business accounts only and requires an internet connection.

Windows | macOS

Online Backup

With Storegate Online Backup™, you get proper disaster protection for all the digital documents and images you have on your computer, all automatically. You don't have to worry about burglary, fire or computer failure.

Windows | macOS

Backup server

With the Storegate Pro Backup™ client, you get advanced backup for your company's servers or PCs.

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Outlook extension

With the Storegate for Outlook plugin, you get a Storegate icon in your Outlook application, allowing you to save files, create and edit Public Links - directly in Outlook without having to click through.

For Office 365 users| For Office 365 administrators

App for Microsoft Teams

Storegate's app for Microsoft Teams makes it easy and secure to manage and share sensitive data directly in Microsoft Teams, with full compliance to GDPR.

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Mobile Apps

With Storegate's mobile and tablet apps, you can access and share files or documents with anyone, anytime. You can also read documents such as Office files and PDFs. Automatic backup of your photos and videos on your mobile is included.

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With Storegate Sync you can synchronize your own files (My Files) to your Storegate account. Images and files that you put in the sync folder can be accessed via mobile phone and tablet. NOTE. Files saved in the folder cannot be accessed by other users in Multi accounts.

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