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Working among many or large files with Cloud Folder

Storegate Cloud Folder does not store any files directly on the computer's hard drive, which provides many advantages but also some disadvantages. The recommendation is to never have more than 1000 files in the same folder you work with daily as the files take longer to open. The maximum file size per single file to work with is 300 MB. Even files smaller than this can sometimes make the program feel slow, depending on the local internet connection and bandwidth.

Files larger than 300 MB are recommended to be downloaded and worked on locally on the computer, and then saved and uploaded to the storage space again.

If you find that files smaller than 300 MB are slow, check your internet speed and compare it to the size of the document. It could also be that your network is set to timeout after a certain amount of data has passed in a certain amount of time. Ask your system administrator if this may be the case.

Updated on 16 November, 2023

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