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Run Online Backup as a logged-out user in Windows

  • Set up and configure Online Backup with a Windows user who has access to all files included in the backup
  • Open Task Scheduler in Windows
  • Click on Create task in the right column
  • On the General tab, enter a name and description for the backup routine (e.g. Name: Backup routine and Description) and select "Run if user is logged in or not" in the Security options section
  • Open the Trigger tab and create a schedule for your backup task by clicking on the "New ..." button
  • Choose how often your task should run in the Settings section and when it should happen
    Click OK
  • Open the Actions tab and create an action by clicking on the "New ..." button
  • Select "Start an application" in the Action field
  • In the Program/Script field, enter the path to OnlineBackup.exe. It should be "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Storegate \ Online Backup \ OnlineBackup.exe"
  • In the Add argument field, enter /backgroundbackup
  • Click OK to create your Trigger
  • Click OK to create your task
  • Enter your Windows credentials to allow your task to run while the user is not logged in.


Your task should now appear o in the left part of the Task Scheduler. You may need to refresh (F5) the list to make it appear.

You can try your task by right-clicking on it and clicking "Run" (Note! The background backup will only run if Online Backup is not running. Otherwise it will rely on the built-in backup schedule of Online Backup).

Files uploaded by the background backup are displayed in the event window of the Online Backup client.

Updated on 30 May, 2022
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