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Glossary for Storegate Digital Signing

Issuer - The person who has purchased the Storegate Digital Signing service and sends envelopes to the Signatory.

Signatory - The person who will sign and receive an envelope from the Issuer. The signer does not need an account with Storegate.

Signature credits - The number of credits the account holder has purchased in his package. Example 10 signature credits are enough for 1 envelope with 10 signatories or 10 envelopes with 1 signatory in each envelope.

Envelope - In an envelope you can put one or more documents to be signed.

Reviewer - The person who drafts and/or reviews the agreement but is not authorised to sign the agreement. This setting allows the agreement to be approved as a reviewer before, for example, the CEO signs the agreement.

Updated on 6 July, 2022
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