Accessing versions of files

Storegate creates a file version every time you:

  • Edit a file in the web interface via locally installed Office or via Microsoft Office Online.
  • Editing or uploading an Office file via Storegate Cloud folder (behavior may vary from different software providers).
  • Uploading one or more files with the same name in the web interface
  • Uploading one or more files via WebDAV
  • Creates a new version locally which is then backed up via Storegate Online Backup.

When this happens, we keep track of older versions of files so that you can restore to an earlier version of the desired file. You can download and preview different versions of your files at any time.

Versioning is only available on business accounts and the default setting is 5 versions of each file. The administrator of the account can change up to 100 versions of each file. The versions are kept in their original form and therefore take up extra space in the account.

To restore a previous version of a file, log in to the web interface and locate the file. Then click on the version clock symbol and select the version you want to download.

Known limitations:

  • If you use the web interface to copy or move a file/folder, you are given the option to "overwrite" the content to the "target". In this case, no versions from the "target" are retained.
  • If the file being overwritten is 0 bytes, it is not saved as a version.
  • If the file being overwritten is saved/uploaded by the same user and it was less than 1 minute since it was saved/uploaded, it is not saved as a version.
  • Software in the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynotes) in macOS does not create versions.
Updated on 25 January, 2024

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