Locking files in Storegate

Storegate locks a file every time you:

  • Editing a file in the web interface via the locally installed Office package.
  • Edit a file in the web interface via Microsoft Office Online (the lock allows multiple users to co-edit a document in Office Online but not via other protocols).
  • Edit a file in the Office package via the Storegate Cloud folder. Unique lock per user as long as the file is open.
  • Putting a custom lock on a file in the web interface
  • Editing a file via the WebDAV protocol

NOTE. Software such as Bluebeam, Revu, AutoCAD and Adobe Acrobat handle locking differently and may require you to shut down the entire program to release the file lock so the file can be written to the Storegate. Usually it is the programs' lists of recent files that hold the lock and the function should therefore be disabled. Contact the respective software manufacturer for specific instructions.

Known limitations: Software in the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynotes) on macOS does not take locks.

Updated on January 9, 2024

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