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Request for access authorisation

This article applies only to: account holders of business services via Storegate

Storegate has a strict policy and technical (physical) access control that prohibits and restricts employee access to customer data except in rare support cases. As an administrator and account holder at Storegate, you can request and control how Storegate support technicians have access to your account and its data via a so-called access authorization. The access warrant describes your request with an expiry date and access to the account is removed once the support technician has resolved the issue. See Storegate Security for more information on how Storegate handles your data.

Example of a request for access authorisation

  1. A user in your account has a problem with Storegate.
  2. When an initial troubleshooting is completed and the issue cannot be resolved, create a support request with Storegate support.
  3. A support technician will review your case and if he/she needs access to the account to resolve the issue, we will ask for an access authorisation.
  4. Once you as an administrator have approved and submitted the access authorisation, the authorisation is forwarded for approval by the responsible manager at Storegate.
  5. The responsible manager gives the support technician an approval and you get help to solve the problem.
  6. The power of attorney expires when the matter is resolved or at the latest when the power of attorney expires.
Updated on 7 June, 2022

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