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Why aren't all the files in my account syncing?

Normally, all your files sync between your computers without any problems, but to avoid technical mishaps when files sync between different operating systems, you should follow the recommendations below.

1. Characters you should never use in file and folder names:

• / (snedstreck)
• \ (omvänt snedstreck)
• ” (citationstecken)
• | (rakt streck eller sk pipe)
• < (mindre än)
• > (större än)
• : (kolon)
• ? (frågetecken)
• * (asterisk)

2. Files that do not sync
- desktop.ini
- thumbs.db
- .ds_store
- icon\r
- .eml

  1. In Windows, file names and folders must not have file names longer than 260 characters

  • Note that Windows counts the entire path as part of the file name. This means that e.g.
    C:\Users\Karl.Karlsson\Storegate\My Documents\Customer Project\Secure Storage\Status.doc
    is 84 characters long. If you have problems with long filenames, you can shorten the folder names or simply move the folder up to a higher level.

    4. Temporary files are not synced

  • Some programs (e.g. Microsoft Office programs) create temporary files when they open a file, these files are not synced. Examples of file names are:
    - Filenames starting with ~$ (tilde and dollar sign)
    - Filenames starting with .~ (a dot and tilde)
    - Filenames starting with tilde and ending with .tmp such as ~documents.tmp

    5. Problems using Unicode

  • If different computers have different Unicode settings, there can sometimes be problems when special characters are used and need to be synced between computers. In most cases the file will be synced, but sometimes a new file with a new filename can be created.

    6. Avoid syncing metadata and resource files

  • Avoid syncing files that are so-called metadata or resource files. An example of this is Shortcuts in Windows, these will not work on e.g. a Mac computer.
Updated on 10 May, 2019
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