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Storegate offers several different payment options. For paper invoices and e-mail invoices (companies only), we charge an invoice fee to cover the administrative costs of invoicing. The invoice fee for paper invoices is SEK 49 for private individuals and SEK 69 (ex VAT) for business customers per paper invoice. For e-mail invoices, the invoice fee is SEK 29 (ex VAT) per e-mail invoice.

Card payments, e-invoices and EDI invoices (companies only) are completely free of charge on Storegate. To change your payment method, follow this guide

Frequently asked questions about invoice fees 

Is it allowed to charge an invoice fee?
Yes, if the fee covers administrative costs. At Storegate, the fee is used, for example, for administration, printing, enveloping and postage. The invoice fee must also be specified in the contract. You can find the contract for the service here

Can I avoid an invoice fee?
Yes, if you pay by card or e-invoice. For companies, there is also the option of an e-invoice or EDI/Swedish invoice.

Updated on 27 September, 2023

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