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Migrating from another cloud service to Storegate Multi

This article is aimed at administrators of Storegate accounts and describes how to migrate files from another cloud service (such as Dropbox or Onedrive) to Storegate. The recommendations below will make the migration as smooth as possible.

Practical tips for migration

In the article Practical tips for migrating to Storegate, you will find information and tips to help you migrate successfully. We recommend reading it before you start moving files.

Move and Migrate files and folders

Here we go through how to:

  • Selects which files and folders to move to Storegate
  • Chooses method to migrate based on storage needs
  • Ensures that all information has been moved correctly
  • Enable your users to continue working in the existing solution until the migration is complete

Select files and folders to be moved to Storegate

One of the most important steps in a migration is choosing which files and folders to migrate to Storegate. Things to think about are - which files do you expect your colleagues to be actively working with and which files can be archived? How much storage space is needed 12 months ahead. The following questions may help you further in the process.

  • What is your specific goal for the move/migration?
  • How do you define a good move?
  • Do you need to be able to work in your existing solution while migration is taking place?
  • Is the focus on users' My Files or Shared Files, or both?

General tips:

  • Don't complicate it. If you set up Storegate for the first time, you can start over. Don't move all your old files and folders to Storegate just because you can. Choose carefully and see that there is a need.
  • Planning is key. It probably took years to build your information, so it may take some time to migrate and move all your content to Storegate. Setting up a plan with start and end dates is a recommendation. It may also be useful to make a detailed plan with designated milestones.

Now that you've decided how you want to proceed, it's time to think about which migration method is best for you.

Via the web interface

If you want to upload less than 1 GB of files, we recommend using the Web interface for drag and drop or folder upload. Make sure you are using Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari or any browser that supports HTML5.

Via Storegate Cloud Folder

You can migrate in several different ways to Storegate. In most cases, we recommend using the Storegate Cloud folder.

Let your employees use the existing solution while you migrate

Do you want to transfer files and folders from a local file server or other cloud service to Storegate while allowing users to work as usual? Then you can copy all files in the background. When this is done and you have set a date for the users to switch to Storegate, you make a final comparison with the program Total Commander. There are several different programs on the market that offer the same functionality but we recommend trying Total Commander. See the article "Migrating files with Total Commander" for step-by-step instructions.

Updated on 23 August, 2023

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